Junkyard Treasures

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A small stash of Honda 600's in a local junkyard. The yard moved several years ago and the Hondas disappeared as far as I know. I tried to buy them, but they were truly valuable treasures, at least according to the owner. That's probably why he still had them after all those years

Three sedans, with a fourth barely visible on the left, under the pickup bed. Relatively complete cars (complete with shrubbery)

Missing a few things like an engine, but there may have been one complete car by salvaging all three

Chrome is relatively decent, but the paint hasn't fared so well.

Interesting custom vehicle - not sure why the pickup bed is strapped to the car - its a junkyard thing.


This one was used as an ice racing car

No roll cage? Just move the seat and steering wheel to the center of the car - that should be safe enough.


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