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See the links below for accessing various articles and brochures on the Honda 600 coupe and sedan. For technical reference material such as shop manual pages, see the Tech Ref section of this site.

The files below are either .jpg images or .pdf documents.

1972 Dealer Brochure
Set of .jpg images of the individual pages of this dealer brochure.



1972 Motor Trend Road Test - 600 Coupe
5 page road test including short article on performance
modifications. pdf file, approx 5 Mbytes

1970 Motor Trend Road Test - 600 Sedan and Fiat 850
5 page road test, .pdf file approx 1.5 Mbytes

Sample N600 Window Sticker
Borrowed from Steve Michelson's site-. pdf file approx 1 Mbyte





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